Ballinamore Looped Cycling Trail

Ballinamore Looped Cycling Trail 


Cycle around the beautiful town of Ballinamore, which meanders alongside the beautiful Blueway on the Shannon-Erne Waterway.

​​The Ballinamore Looped​ Cycling Trail meanders alongside the tranquil waters of the Shannon-Erne, with the picturesque​​ village of Ballinamore at the centre. This 4.5km looped cycling trail starts at Ballinamore Marina before​ looping around at Longstones and back to the beautiful town of Ballinamore.

The Ballinamore Looped Cycling Trail is available at Ballinamore Tourism Centre High Street. 


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The Ballinamore Tourism Map  is available at Ballinamore Tourism Centre High Street. 



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