18th of October 2021

19 October 2021

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.

31 years is a long time to wait it’s been a tough and arduous journey since that last championship win, to finally lift that 21st championship after such a long journey is a great relief, a weight lifted from the club. A pressure we didn’t realise was there finally gone. When the final whistle was blown there were tears of joy and happiness we had done it, finally we were back where a club of Ballinamore’s stature and size needed to be. When we sit down in a couple of days and the celebrations die down , we’ll may be a week or two it will be great to reflect on that time and look back at all the players, managers, supporters, secretary’s, chairpersons and the like that have been on that long journey with us, some of them are no longer with us they are the giants and I am sure they are looking down at the scenes now with unbridled joy this victory is for them as well, we won’t or never will forget them.

So Sunday was the day another chapter to be written into the clubs history, great Ballinamore men taking to the field, lads in their first championship campaign and lads with many campaigns under them. They have put in tremendous work over the last weeks, months and years to get to this point, the delight We have for their achievement is unrivalled not because they ended that barren run but because they deserve it, they are the best of us, club men through and through, they are lads that come to the nurseries,  u7 and u9 blitzes, they know their fellow club mates names at u11 and u15’s, they have kick arounds with them, there lads that train and give up their free time to the club without hesitation. These are the lads that deserved that victory and what a victory it was. That it was shown on TG4 Is a blessing, the quality of football on show was fantastic or as Joe Brolly described it thunderous , courageous and adventurous, it surely was a feast for the eyes and an enjoyable spectacle to be hold, hopefully the display shows people that there is life in Leitrim football, that the passion and quality is there for all to see that we have many great players and great teams. It was a titanic match, Mohill are a fantastic team and we knew if we were to win a championship that at some stage we would have to beat them, they were champions deservedly so and they played tremendous football as well but thankfully today was our day and our players made is across the line first, they deserved it they were heroes all over the pitch, every last player out there from Darren Maxwell making three tremendous saves to a legendary performance by Wayne and a goal from Niall it was finally our day the Fenagh cup was making the journey to Ballinamore. The scenes of joy in Carrick and  Ballinamore will be unforgettable, the messages of gratitude from Ballinamore people coming in from all around the world in their hundreds, we had done it.
That elusive 21st championship 31 years in the making was on the way and it was finally time to celebrate. Up Ceannabó

Ladies Championship

Our senior ladies team were also in a championship final this weekend when they took on St Francis on Saturday in a brilliant match. The ladies have played brilliant football all season but unfortunately lost by a point to a great St Francis team. We would like to thank all the players and management for their hard work over the season and pass on our congratulations to St Francis.

Good Luck

All at the club would like to wish Andy Moran and his team the best of luck in his new role

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